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These 6 Different Ways To Make Money If You Have A Disability Can Help You Survive Tough Times

Disabled people may not be able to work traditional jobs but there are plenty of things they can do to make money. Without much income, it can be challenging to pay regular bills and buy luxury items. Rather than accepting that fate and learning to live with less, people in this predicament can earn a little more money to spend on themselves. These 6 Different Ways To Make Money If You Have A Disability provide a few options.


Many disabled people have talents they can use to make some money on the side. To freelance, all a person needs to do is find a company that needs someone to do the job they know how to do.

File for Disability Benefits

Some people assume they aren’t eligible for benefits because they’ve applied and been denied. They may not know that most applications are initially denied but many are later approved. If they believe they should be able to get social security but are having trouble getting approved, an attorney may be able to help.

Have a Yard Sale

Yard sales are a great way to get rid of unwanted things and make some money too. Yard sales don’t even have to happen in person. Disabled people can take advantage of online yard sales and never have to leave their home.

Online Surveys

Plenty of companies need consumer opinions. Online surveys give people who can’t leave their house the opportunity to make some money. Most surveys don’t pay much but because they don’t take a lot of time, it’s possible to earn some extra cash through paid surveys.

Rent the Driveway or Garage

For those who have driveway or garage space they don’t use, renting it to someone else can help bring in some extra money to pay the bills.

Start a Business

A home-based business can give a disabled person the opportunity to make a stable income doing something they love.

Being disabled doesn’t have to mean being poor or even broke. Regardless of their physical condition, most people can find a way to earn money and take care of their basic needs.